Celebrating Our Fuel Delivery Team Members

Our fuel delivery drivers are one of our most valuable company assets! Our superior product and outstanding customer service team are lost without the team members who transport the fuel to our customers!

Drivers endure all kinds of situations to bring our customers their fuel. On days when most of us are indoors and enjoying the warmth, the drivers are hauling a hose – and those things are heavier than they look! The time of day, road and weather conditions are rarely a factor that keeps them from getting to a customer in need.

Bobby Schnieder with Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy Service, has been delivering fuel to our customers for 40 years! His experience out in the field driving and delivering heating oil in central Maryland is unsurpassed.

We recently asked Bobby about his day, and this is what he said:

Why do you like driving for Rittenhouse?

I like driving a truck. I like being out on the road and connecting with the customers. We have some great customers! The staff and people in the office are great too. Its a family.

What is the best part of your day?

Loading the truck in between customers and knowing I am getting it done. Talking with the customers I have known a long time. And my lunch break, I enjoy that time, too.

What is the hardest part of your day?

There isn’t a harder part to a single day. The more difficult days are the zero degree days and hauling the hose in the subzero temperatures.

What can customers do to make the delivery go smoother?

Make sure there is a clear path to the fill hose at all times. Before winter sets in, mark the fill hose location with a brightly colored flag or stick. Call customer service and let them know what its marked with. When there is snow on the ground it helps to know where the fill hose is.

Do you have a funny story you would like to share with our customers?

A few years back I had a new-hire and I was training him. We were out making a delivery at a regular customers house. This customer had allot of dogs, maybe five or more. She opened the door to say something and I do not know how – but they all got past her and came out barking and snapping – and we took off for the truck! The new hire leapt the fence. I headed straight for the cab. The trainee jumped onto the rear truck bumper. There isn’t much room back on the bumper! He was hanging on back there while the dogs jumped, barked and nipped at his feet. This went on for – I don’t know how long – fifteen or twenty minutes. The customer was running around trying to collect her dogs and put them inside and him hanging on back there. I laughed hard that day and still laugh every time I of think about it.

Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy services is part of the Tevis Energy family of companies. From all of us– thank you to Bobby for the years of service and insight. For more information about our team of drivers, watch for our upcoming Heat Beat, Spring 2017 edition. To all our drivers, for all they endure, a very heartfelt thank you. We could not do it without each you.

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