Manage your Heating Costs with CMP!

This season’s warm temperatures are really helping price-weary customers use less oil! Whether it comes from “mother nature” or your own good habits, conservation is always a smart strategy!  But winter’s not over! There are two things you can do now to ensure that costs stay in check:

1) Continue practicing your own good conservation habits!

Take advantage of increasing daylight hours by opening the shades.  Not only will this help lower your energy usage, it will raise your spirits!

2) Check to make sure your (Custom Monthly Payment) CMP payments are keeping pace with the cost of your deliveries. If they’re not, there is still time to prevent a large balance due in June by increasing your remaining monthly payments. Your CMP balance can be found on both your delivery tickets and your monthly statement.  Questions?? Just call or email us!!  We are happy to help you anticipate your remaining deliveries and adjust your monthly payments accordingly.

Not receiving monthly statements?  Just call or send us an email, and we will be happy to begin mailing them to you!

Not on CMP?  Just call or send us an email letting us know to put you on CMP for next season!  CMP is THE BEST way to manage high heating costs by dividing them into equal and predictable monthly payments!

We appreciate your business and are here to help you with friendly, personal service.  That is one of the things that separate Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy Services  from other oil and propane companies!

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