How much Heating Oil will I use?

Over the next few days, it is going to get cold again here in Baltimore & Harford Counties!  In colder temperatures, your furnace must work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.  We use an accurate, but complex computer system to predict when your unique home will require a heating oil fill.

You may be wondering: how long will x gallons of heating oil last in my tank?  Or how much heating oil will I use?  Every home is different, but we can give you a look at an average family’s usage.

The average customer uses 600 gallons of heating oil in a season.  When temperatures drop into the single digits, the average home uses approximately 10 gallons per day.  There are obviously several factors that affect your furnace’s efficiency:

  • Furnace Efficiency and Condition; Schedule a tune-up
  • Fuel Quality (Rittenhouses’ Lower Sulfur Heating Oil and Bioheat are more efficient)
  • Size of Home
  • Whether you use oil to heat your hot water
  • # of People in your home
  • Age of home
  • Amount of insulation
  • Efficiency of windows, etc.

We always advise our customers to conserve wherever possible.  You will use less heating oil and lower your overall heating costs.  In the meantime, our drivers are out and on the roads filling as many tanks as they can.  If you would like a more accurate reading of your expected usage and next fill, call Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy Services at 410-665-1660

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