Oil Tank Gauges can be Inaccurate

You can’t always trust your Oil Tank Gauge!

Oil Tank Gauges, especially older ones, are notoriously susceptible to giving inaccurate readings.

Oil tank gauges are simple devices that use a float, which sits on top of the oil.  Wherever the oil level is in the tank, the float pushes up the disk in the oil tank gauge.  As the tank gradually empties, the float drops along with the level, and the disk lowers, as well.

However, the float can sometimes sink in the tank, indicating that the tank is empty, when that may not be the case.  Also, the float can get stuck to the side of the tank, which means the fuel level might actually be lower than the oil tank gauge is reporting.

If you think your gauge might be giving an inaccurate reading, call us!  You can reach Customer Service at 410-665-1660.  We’ll help you figure out how much oil is in your tank, and let you know if you’ll need an oil delivery soon.

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