Use Rittenhouse Automatic Delivery to Manage Heating Oil Supply

Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy Services understand the impact high heating costs have on our customers. Our goal is to keep heating oil prices and operational costs in line and this begins with our Dispatch Team. They continue to fine-tune the delivery process by using advanced GPS to tracking gallons per delivery.

Automatic Delivery provides the flexibility to optimize delivery routes, provides an accurate history of heating oil deliveries, and allows us to know when a customer needs heating oil. When inclement weather threatens an Automatic Delivery, Rittenhouse is able to make adjustments that ensure our customers’ heating oil supply. Automatic Delivery customers also receive 24-hour emergency service.

Rittenhouse also has a Summer Hold option if heating oil is not used over the summer. Therefore, Automatic Delivery doesn’t increase heating oil usage nor the amount of oil delivered. Deliveries are based strictly on heating oil usage, outdoor temperatures or what is known as “degree days,” and weather forecasts.

By pairing Rittenhouse CMP with Automatic Delivery, heating oil costs and the timing of deliveries becomes a non-issue. This ensures our customers’ comfort and safety.

Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy Services guarantees our Automatic Delivery service! We are so confident that if a customer runs out of heating oil due to a scheduling error on our part, Rittenhouse will credit $50 to the customer’s account.

Rittenhouse is a proud supplier of Lower-Sulfur Heating Oil. Locally-owned and highly trusted by thousands of homeowners, Rittenhouse provides dependable and affordable heating oil delivery to Maryland (MD) and Pennsylvania (PA), including: Carroll County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Frederick County, Adams County, PA and York County, PA. For pricing inquiries call 410-665-1660 or visit our Pricing Inquiry page

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