The Value of Custom Monthly Payments

It seems that spring is finally here to stay, and summer will soon follow.  That’s a big relief considering the brutal temperatures this past winter.  What may still be lingering, however, are the difficulties from this season’s high heating costs.  We strive to keep our heating oil prices as low as possible for our customers, but we also offer programs to help alleviate the high cost of heating.  In preparation for next season, we encourage you to look into these programs, especially Rittenhouses’ Custom Monthly Payment option.

We urge all of our customers to use CMP, because it softens the blow of your heating oil deliveries.  CMP projects your heating costs for the season and then divides that amount equally over 11 months.  The twelfth month (June) is used to reconcile the difference between the actual and projected cost.  We even pay 1% interest on the money that you place in your account; that’s better than the bank!

Due to the extreme cold, everyone’s heating oil usage increased this past winter.  But, instead of receiving high delivery bills back-to-back in mid-winter and in the midst of holiday shopping, CMP spreads out the cost of your heating oil deliveries, making comfort much more affordable and worry-free.

For example, one customer received deliveries costing $565.67 and $882.51 within two months.  That’s a total of $1448.18 in a very short amount of time.  And depending on when you received your deliveries, yours may have been even higher!  However, because this customer was on CMP, these delivery payments (combined with a $475.63 delivery from early in the season) were spread over 11 months, resulting in a monthly payment of $174.89.  CMP breaks down your fuel costs into a much more manageable amount throughout the year!

A new CMP season is starting in July.  Look for more information about CMP in June or call us at 410-665-1660.

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