Liberty & Keneco Oil Join Rittenhouse at Tevis Energy

We are pleased to announce that Kenco Oil in Littlestown, PA and Liberty Oil in Essex, MD have joined the Tevis Family of Companies! The partnerships were initiated by the companies previous owners, based on their confidence Tevis Energy would provide the best service and highest quality product in the region to our customers. This [...]

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Budget heating costs throughout the year!

With summer approaching the last thing on your mind is heating your home. However, the key to avoiding and unexpectedly high bill is preparing. Now is the perfect time to start budgeting for the year! Our Monthly Payment Plan evens out your heating fuel costs and pays you interest. This is a free service that [...]

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Does a late season fill prevent condensation in my oil tank?

Condensation in an oil tank is not good. Good thing its easy to prevent! Leaving a heating oil tank low or allowing it to go empty can cause condensation to form in your oil tank, which contributes to sediment. In turn, this can cause costly problems for your heating system next season. Getting an end of the season [...]

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Celebrating Our Fuel Delivery Team Members

Our fuel delivery drivers are one of our most valuable company assets! Our superior product and outstanding customer service team are lost without the team members who transport the fuel to our customers! Drivers endure all kinds of situations to bring our customers their fuel. On days when most of us are indoors and enjoying [...]

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Stay Healthy: Three Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality!

Winter is upon us and so is the flu season! In the winter we tend to stay indoors more for longer periods of time. With flu season only just beginning, it is time we talk about indoor air quality and ways we can improve it. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your [...]

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What is OPEC and Why Are the Heat Oil Prices Rising?

In a year when the heating oil prices were expected to remain stable, they have been rising and this has left us all asking Why? The short answer is supply, demand and speculation. While the colder temperatures this winter have some influence on the market price of oil, temperature is not the only factor that [...]

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How big is my oil tank and how much heat fuel can it hold?

Our customer service team is frequently asked how to determine the size of their home oil tank and the capacity. Maybe you have recently moved into your home or have not thought about heat oil delivery in months or just forgotten. Knowing the size of your home heat oil tank is important stuff – as [...]

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Budget Fuel Costs and Save Money:

We do not want the words "budgeting" and "fuel costs" in the same sentence to send shudders down your spine! In fact, we do not want you to shiver or shudder at all. Rittenhouse Comfort and Energy Services has multiple ways to budget, plan and save money throughout the year! Energy Conservation Energy conservation remains [...]

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How to choose a new heating oil supplier – five things to consider before making a decision.

When call inquiries come in from prospective customers who need to choose a heating oil supplier - one of the most frequently asked questions we answer is: “Do you have the lowest price on home heating oil?” We understand that a low fuel price is important to our customers and do our best to control [...]

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